All Landau and Victoria coaches can be opened or closed within 3 minutes. Our carriages are up to date and are restored every winter. According to the weather, they are equipped with blankets.

There are 4 adults + 1 child per Fiaker and we have no problems with dogs. For us as well as for a car or bus compliance with the max. .. Number of persons

On average, our carriages are over 100 years old and have the traditional look of the former estate cars in Vienna.

Currently we offer the following color combinations:

  • Glaslandauer – dark blue / ivory
  • Glaslandauer – burgundy / ivory
  • Glaslandauer – dark green / ivory
  • Leather Landing – ivory / black
  • Victoria – completely white / inside dark blue wallpapered
  • Victoria – dark aubergine elegant

Zeiselwagen – Bank Cars – Company Cars:

These are partly equipped with canopy and you sit on 2 long benches to each other. They are gladly used for Heurigen rides, bachelor parties (from local to local), for rustic celebrations, children’s birthday celebrations, advertising and Christmas trips (placement of advertising posters, etc.), or simply for a larger society.

We can offer you a total of 3 prams, with 8 to 12 adults or 16 to 20 children each.