horse portraits

Our horses are our doctor. Rich veterinarian controlled and vaccinated (plaque and veterinary confirmation lead the coachman).

The horse’s hooves, which have to withstand the highest loads, are fogged by our blacksmith, Mr. Johann Langer – Wittau. Meanwhile, he knows every single hoof exactly and knows if a special fitting, inserts, or a suspension with silicone necessary

Currently there are 12 horses (Hungarian warmblood and trotters) in the stable and 2 young horses for training in Hungary, where our pension horses can enjoy their old age.

An exercise / lunging area also guarantees the freedom of movement of the horses (especially in winter).

Since we do not demand too much from our horses, most of them have been with us for a long time.

The boss in the stable is Ilona: She is our oldest “employee”: Never injuries or illnesses, and has clear legs. However, when she has her standing days, she becomes restless and begins to “weave”.

Our horses are schmiedefromm, safe and safe to walk, stable stall also for a long time quiet on a place and are used to children and caresses. Whether at events in Prater, Hupkonzerte, music, etc. they have full confidence and know that we would ask them anything dangerous.

Of course, there are always unforeseen situations such as in the morning a new construction site where suddenly wood or iron plates were laid over the floor; Renovation of the building, where just from the loft conversion, the debris in the bucket troughs comes down quite loud; In a strong storm suddenly a tablecloth flies from the Schanigarten in front of the horse feet …

Even with the road users more tolerance and consideration would be good for the horses.

Tip: please do not feed sugar, even horses get toothache, rather apples and carrots. Unfortunately feeding of bread and Biscuits by too much preservatives meanwhile in the then usual amounts even harmful to health.

Yes, they are just part of the family and you have the same responsibility for these creatures as you do for children 7 days a week, all year long. Whether fetching food / straw, clearing away and transporting dung, controlling the daily cleaning and hoofing, possibly a colic, where you sit in the barn until 5 in the barn instead of at the planned barbecue, and is happy when the horse shines again and mistet. There is always something to do.

Sometimes the work outweighs the hobby, but the love of horse and profession do not want to swap one despite this enormous time and effort